Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

  1. The journal only accepts articles that are related to the cultural issues of Ilam province and are the result of the author/authors' research.
  2. The article includes: abstract (from 150 to 250 words, based on correct abstract writing standards), key words (from 4 to 6 words), introduction, background, methodology, discussion and review, conclusion and suggestions, and the entire text of the article Submissions should be from 6,000 to 8,000 words.
  3. The detailed information of the author/authors (name and surname, academic rank, name of the respective institution, e-mail, telephone and fax) should be mentioned on a separate page.
  4. It is necessary to send the matching confirmation along with the article file. For this purpose, the author must refer to the HAMSANA matching system at the address and after registration, proceed to prepare the approval of his article and submit it to the quarterly office.
  5. The article typed with Lotus 14 pen in Word 2010 program and in accordance with the criteria mentioned in this guide, must be sent through the electronic database of the journal to the address In addition, it is necessary for the corresponding author to send a copy of the printout of the article to the quarterly office.
  6. In case of writing Kurdish text, authors are expected to use Kordi Lotus font 14.
  7. It is mandatory to send an English abstract (from 150 to 250 words) on a separate page, including: the title of the article, the name of the author/authors, email address and the affiliated institution/institutions.
  8. The sources used should be listed at the end of the article in alphabetical order of the author's last name as follows:

* Book: surname, name; (year of publication), name of the book (italics), name of the translator, place of publication: name of the publisher.

* Article: surname, first name; (year of publication), title of the article (in quotation marks), name of the publication (italics), period/year, issue, page number of the article.

* Dissertation: surname, first name; (year), thesis title (italics), degree, university.

* Collections: surname, first name; (year of publication), title of the article (in quotation marks), name of the editor or compiler, name of the collection of articles (italics), place of publication.

* Websites: last name, author's name, last update date, (subject title), website name and address in italics.

  1. References in the text of the article should be written in parentheses (author's last name, year of publication: page number). In direct quotations, more than 5 lines should be inserted separately from the text with an indentation (half a centimeter) on both sides.
  2. In case of referring to Latin sources, it is necessary to follow the APA style, and the Latin equivalent of declaration and specialized words should be at the bottom of the page.
  3. The article should be written according to the style guide of the Persian Language and Literature Academy. The quarterly is free to edit the article without changing its content.
  4. The articles sent to the quarterly should not have more than four authors.
  5. After receiving and reviewing, the result of reviewing and evaluating the article will be notified to the author/authors. If revision is needed, the corresponding author is obliged to make corrections and provide the necessary explanations to the editor-in-chief.
  6. The article should not have been presented or published in websites, scientific and research publications or other conferences.
  7. Articles taken from theses and dissertations will be considered only if the name of the supervisor and advisor is mentioned next to the author's name.
  8. The journal is exempted from accepting articles that are not prepared according to the mentioned criteria.